CoGDEM Task Groups

CoGDEM members frequently have mutual interests in new and evolving technologies and industries. These topics are discussed during CoGDEM meeting days at the two Sub-Group meetings.

We are establishing task groups of like-minded members who want to discuss specific topics in greater depth and report back to other members at CoGDEM meetings. If any of the topics below excite you or are important to your company, then contact Andy, Steve or Sam at and sign up to join that task group.

The task groups below are just starting. Can you contribute? Please join us.

The Hydrogen economy

The move to de-carbonise our energy supplies affects all homes and industries. Hydrogen is the greenest combustible gas, but many technology and logistics challenges lie ahead.

Cyber security

Wireless communication is everywhere and with it the opportunity to damage or disrupt processes, and monitoring and safety systems. Keeping our homes and industries safe from malicious activities is a global challenge.

CO sensors and hydrogen cross interference

As hydrogen is being injected into our gas supplies, the Wobbe index will not require major changes, but electrochemical CO sensors in FGAs will need to reduce significantly or eliminate completely their hydrogen sensitivity: a challenge to the gas sensor industry.

Workers’ health

We focus on gas safety, in the home and at work. As our toxicology knowledge grows, the boundary between safety and health blurs: what may not be an immediate risk to life can be a longer term threat to health and wellbeing, shortening lifetimes. Our industries must take care of both the immediate dangers and long term exposure risks of our workers.

Particle health and safety

CoGDEM has always focused on gas safety. The increasing global awareness of the dangers from visible and invisible particles requires a positive response from CoGDEM. How do we integrate our understanding of the immediate and long-term dangers from particles with our work on gas safety?

RoHS, COSHH and VOC health and safety

CoGDEM concentrates on gas safety. VOCs are organic-based gases that have been largely ignored, but growing legislation and toxicology reports are driving our industries to integrate VOC control and mitigation with gas safety and worker wellbeing.