Conference on Carbon Monoxide

Wednesday 4 March 2020

Amphithéâtre multimédia

Pôle Formation
Faculté de médecine HENRI WAREMBOURG - Lille
Avenue Eugène Avinée - Loos

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Event: Lille Event

Location: Lille CHRU France

Date: 4th March 2020

Cost: €70.00 (purchase before 31st January 2020 for €50.00)

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We are pleased to announce the first joint ICORN, CoGDEM, OPRIM conference on Carbon Monoxide will be held on the 4th March 2020 in Lille CHRU.

Lille Hospital is home to one of the largest decompression chambers in Europe and, in addition to treating a wide range of medical problems, treats approximately 300 CO poisoning victims each year.

COGDEM is the originator and continued supporter of the annual EU Parliament Roundtable on Carbon Monoxide and last year's roundtable noted the importance of and interest in the medical impact of CO poisoning.

CoGDEM and its co sponsors decided the time was right to launch our first conference to hear from academic researchers and industry professionals active in studying the medical implications of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Three plenary sessions, each involving 3 research presentations, will cover a wide range of topics and an open floor discussion will be moderated by an expert after each.

The program will be complemented by a poster session presenting ongoing research into Carbon Monoxide poisoning across Europe.

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